The social media wave has changed the world of advertising, and marketers are more connected to consumers now than ever before. The mobility of applications like Twitter is unprecedented. Brands are now fitting right into the consumer’s pocket with a little help from the widespread use of mobile devices. Think about it: Twitter sits on … Continue reading #TenaciousTweeting



Similar to social media posts, advertisements vary based on the audience and subject matter, but some campaigns have proven more rewarding than others. The style of an advertisement, the wording, and the channel differ for each circumstance. There are millions of ways to craft ads, but the most successful Twitter campaigns seem to share similar traits. Large events, like the Oscars … Continue reading #BestOfTwitter


 The demographic for Twitter is a younger generation mostly focused on college students and college graduates. This age group is specified as the millennial generation. Millennials are a crucial demographic to focus on in the advertising industry, but why? First, there is a different lifestyle that this age group lives when it comes to technology. … Continue reading #TargetRight


In the post #PostLessTweetMore I discuss how majority of brands use social media platforms to advertise. But many brands struggle to choose which platform is the most effective for their campaign. The competition has led these social media platforms to integrate many features for their advertisers to use. These features have played such a dominant role … Continue reading #NowFeaturing


Twitter’s unique features have been mostly successful in attracting marketers to their platform, but lately industry professionals have noticed a plateau in the company’s ability to innovate. Twitter simply doesn’t have the same volume of users as Facebook, and this lack of innovation may be to blame. The platform has been criticized not for its … Continue reading #RefreshingTwitter


Beauty advertising does more than just share the newest shade of lipstick; it carefully crafts campaigns in a way that emphasizes an experiential feeling for the consumer. Beauty advertising specifically uses Twitter to achieve this. By creating an online presence on this platform, marketers of the beauty industry are able to see the thoughts and … Continue reading #TweetingBeautiful


Consumers tweet from all over the world -- embracing different cultures, breathing in amazing views, and tackling new adventures is becoming more and more widespread among millennials and other generations. Twitter is full of these participants that have the funds and passion to travel. Brands like Airbnb are taking Twitter by storm. Airbnb and other … Continue reading #GreetingsFromTwitter