Most industries rely on innovation in order to keep consumers interested and engaged, but for tech companies the introduction of cutting-edge products is especially important when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. Social media plays a key role in promoting product releases and maintaining a strong relationship between tech companies and their market.

A Market Probe International survey found that 85% of users feel more connected to a brand after they begin following it on Twitter. Dominating Twitter trends during a new product release is an easy way to make sure your company’s products are creating buzz among customers. Twitter can also be used as a way to draw attention away from competitor’s new products; during the iPhone 6 release, Samsung strategically purchased promoted tweets to cover-up any Apple-related content. Apple responded to this by proactively purchasing virtually all of Twitter’s advertising features during the release of the Apple Watch. They monopolized the promoted tweets as well as the search results for Apple-related keywords, including a tweet featuring a video of the various features the watch has to offer. By controlling Twitter’s marketing space during this release, they eliminated the threat of competing tech companies taking attention away from their brand.

A more recent iPad Pro campaign by Apple uses Twitter in a unique way; a series of short videos featuring giant, printed versions of tweets by real users. Apple targeted tweets mentioning questions or concerns about the iPad, then used actors to respond to the tweets by explaining the mentioned feature. This campaign was largely successful because of the way it incorporated real customer concerns directly into their advertisement. People respond positively when companies make a point to really listen to them and include them in the communication process. Considering Apple’s main Twitter account has previously remained blank for years, props to the company for finally stepping up their social media game and joining the Twittersphere!



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