Beauty advertising does more than just share the newest shade of lipstick; it carefully crafts campaigns in a way that emphasizes an experiential feeling for the consumer. Beauty advertising specifically uses Twitter to achieve this. By creating an online presence on this platform, marketers of the beauty industry are able to see the thoughts and … Continue reading #TweetingBeautiful



Consumers tweet from all over the world -- embracing different cultures, breathing in amazing views, and tackling new adventures is becoming more and more widespread among millennials and other generations. Twitter is full of these participants that have the funds and passion to travel. Brands like Airbnb are taking Twitter by storm. Airbnb and other … Continue reading #GreetingsFromTwitter


Retail is taking over the Twitter world, and tweets along with consumer engagement are only working in their favor. Other than the obvious perks of getting immediate feedback and ideas from their customer’s conversations. Twitter also allows marketers to be able to expand the popularity of their brands, increase their sales and give the consumer yet … Continue reading #RetailTweeting


The food industry can be an overwhelming and competitive market. Consumers have over thousands of different options to choose from. The big question for advertisers in this industry is how do they stand out? The biggest trend, and soon becoming a necessity is promotion through social media. 9 out of 10 restaurants claim to be participating … Continue reading #BonAppetweet


Most industries rely on innovation in order to keep consumers interested and engaged, but for tech companies the introduction of cutting-edge products is especially important when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. Social media plays a key role in promoting product releases and maintaining a strong relationship between tech companies and their market. … Continue reading #TechnoTwitter