Consumers tweet from all over the world — embracing different cultures, breathing in amazing views, and tackling new adventures is becoming more and more widespread among millennials and other generations. Twitter is full of these participants that have the funds and passion to travel. Brands like Airbnb are taking Twitter by storm.

Airbnb and other successful brands on Twitter utilize the platform to their advantage whether it is by promoting their own discounts, products, and services, or letting their consumers do the talking. Twitter is not only a platform for putting your name out there, but it is also an opportunity to listen — listening is always trending when it comes to building a brand’s reputation.

Airbnb realizes that Twitter and other social media platforms are about experiences. Audiences use these sites to interact and gain experiences, and Twitter is a place where individuals can interact globally. That is everything Airbnb promotes: Interacting globally, traveling for experiences, and sharing worldly views. As advertisers, Airbnb is telling the right stories. Consumer-generated content is a successful path for marketers these days. Airbnb’s campaigns, such as #NightAt or #LiveThere offer the opportunity for travelers to get involved. They publicize the hashtags and the campaign, but the Twitter users are the ones promoting it by sharing their stories and influencing other aspiring travelers. Influencers are tweeting and engaging continuously. The audience the Twitter users reach are exposed to advertising before, during, and after their trip. Tweeting about their experiences with Airbnb, specific hotel brands, or airlines are boosting branding reputations and shaping future adventurers’ plans. Travel ideas and stories are strong contributing factors that advertisers should be paying attention to when listening to their audience. With those, they can pursue promotions, discounts, and contests. Travel brands should be tweeting — but more importantly, they should be letting their consumers do the talking. Look at the statistics that prove how travelers are using Twitter:


Hashtags come in handy when it comes to promoting brands, campaigns, and listening to consumers. Just like airlines and hotels, cruise lines can see what users are saying about their brand, such as the #mediterranean cruise they took last month. From there, marketers can strategize ways to improve their products, services, and brand. Other hashtags like #cruise #vacation are useful to listening advertisers. Twitter has many influencers because there is the opportunity to comment, review, favorite/like, or retweet. Cruise lines and companies like Airbnb are utilizing this tool. They are being successful because they are sharing the right stories, listening, and providing the necessities for user-generated content. Now, what will you do?


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