Similar to social media posts, advertisements vary based on the audience and subject matter, but some campaigns have proven more rewarding than others. The style of an advertisement, the wording, and the channel differ for each circumstance. There are millions of ways to craft ads, but the most successful Twitter campaigns seem to share similar traits. Large events, like the Oscars … Continue reading #BestOfTwitter



Consumers tweet from all over the world -- embracing different cultures, breathing in amazing views, and tackling new adventures is becoming more and more widespread among millennials and other generations. Twitter is full of these participants that have the funds and passion to travel. Brands like Airbnb are taking Twitter by storm. Airbnb and other … Continue reading #GreetingsFromTwitter


Olympic athletes train for gold medals; brands strive for prize campaigns. Just like the rest of the advertising world, Twitter is expanding its ability to market brands through mega-sporting events. These sporting events are their own kind of brand. The Olympics are an outlet for versatile brand types. The Olympics get consumers excited about interacting … Continue reading #GetGoldWithTwitter


Listen to your consumers' opinions by simply asking them. Twitter is not just about promoting your tweets or your brand anymore. You can do more than just “trend;” you can get customers to directly make a difference in your next product, your next service, your next advertisement. Twitter polling awards advertisers with the opportunity to … Continue reading #PopularOpinions


Twitter is constantly evolving as a social network and a channel for marketers. For advertisers, tweeting now is not the same as it was then. Now, there is more to utilize. Twitter offers beneficial ways for marketers to express their brand and advertise to consumers. Although Twitter may not focus on versatile channels of communication like … Continue reading #TimelyTweeting