Twitter’s unique features have been mostly successful in attracting marketers to their platform, but lately industry professionals have noticed a plateau in the company’s ability to innovate. Twitter simply doesn’t have the same volume of users as Facebook, and this lack of innovation may be to blame. The platform has been criticized not for its … Continue reading #RefreshingTwitter



Most industries rely on innovation in order to keep consumers interested and engaged, but for tech companies the introduction of cutting-edge products is especially important when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. Social media plays a key role in promoting product releases and maintaining a strong relationship between tech companies and their market. … Continue reading #TechnoTwitter


Advertisers have learned to take advantage of popular televised events to promote their brands, and the Oscars are no exception. In 2015, the award show raked in 110,000,000 dollars in advertising revenue But is it really necessary to spend 2 million dollars on an Oscars TV spot to gain attention from consumers? Social media has introduced … Continue reading #AcademyAdvertising


  Posting pictures, gifs and videos is one of the most effective methods of advertising on social media. People are more likely to engage with posts that include some sort of visual stimulation, especially moving images such as videos or GIFs; this leads to consumers clicking through more of the company’s web content and could … Continue reading #WhatDoYouMeme


There’s more to Twitter advertising than simply seeking exposure for your brand; certain companies are excelling when it comes to harnessing the full marketing power of Twitter to advance their brand on multiple levels. There is a common theme among these successful companies: Engaging with and listening to consumers. T-Mobile’s Marketing Vice President emphasizes the … Continue reading #WhosWinning