In the post #PostLessTweetMore I discuss how majority of brands use social media platforms to advertise. But many brands struggle to choose which platform is the most effective for their campaign. The competition has led these social media platforms to integrate many features for their advertisers to use. These features have played such a dominant role in advertising; especially on Twitter.

Twitter’s brand has become such a learning entity, they are constantly changing and looking at other platforms for new ways to improve. They have become flexible, and meeting the needs of their consumer’s, which puts them at a huge advantage above other platforms.

In November 2015, Twitter made some bold changes to their platform, including changing their famous “favorite” button  to a heart shaped “like” button instead. According to the brand, the heart shape was used because it made the platform easier and more rewarding to “like” a post. Many users recognized that the new like button was very similar to likes on Facebook, and the heart shape was copied from likes on Instagram.

        Another popular feature Twitter has newly introduced is allowing users to live stream videos on their app. Not only can you now live stream, but also film in 360-degree video. This new feature has become very popular amongst different platforms. Facebook introduced this live feature in August 2015 and launched 360-degree video for their users soon after. Not to mention live video is also incorporated into popular apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. These features have taken over the social media platforms, and will only continue to grow. Social media platforms have taken full advantage of adopting this new feature in order to drive engagement amongst their active users. 

Twitter is newly experimenting with a new feature in hopes Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.23.17 AMto boost interactivity within their app. Twitter is trying to influence the power of prevailing users by offering them a new app where they can interact with their followers. The new tool, which apparently is only accessible by a few hundred verified celebrities contains a selfie camera to add visual tags to photos. Allowing users to add emoticons, hashtags, text, and the Twitter icon in their photos gives advertisers a hand and builds brand recognition. Pictured to the right, Demi Lavato is utilizing this new feature. Coincidently, this new app is very similar to already popular app, Snapchat, and more recently Instagram’s story feature.

        The last feature Twitter has recently added to their platform is what they call a pinned tweet. Pinning a tweet means that tweets will stay at the top of user’s profile, even after they tweet something else. This new tool earns more exposure to a profile. Post Planner saw a single tweet go from 120 retweets to 450 after it was pinned. The results have been enormous and definitely a great tool when advertising brands. Don’t be afraid to use new features — be bold and get users engaged!


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