Retail is taking over the Twitter world, and tweets along with consumer engagement are only working in their favor. Other than the obvious perks of getting immediate feedback and ideas from their customer’s conversations. Twitter also allows marketers to be able to expand the popularity of their brands, increase their sales and give the consumer yet another way to engage with their brand.

Studies show that in comparison to other news sources, Twitter has shown that reputations and sales in stocks have only increased in the retail world because of advertisers’ Twitter use. Sales statistics has shown that people’s negative comments on Twitter that relate to retail don’t impact the sales or stocks dramatically. The influence that was shown only seems to be positive.

That being said, there is a method to the Twitter madness. From a marketer’s perspective, Twitter isn’t the top choice for retail sales. Studies show that Facebook is the leading competitor for advertising in social media for the retail industry. With that said, in the Twitter world, it requires you to be creative and unique when selling your brand in 140 characters or less. For example, Target Australia uses their platform on Twitter by just retweeting customers that discuss particular brands they are selling. This is creative and captivating, making the customer want to dig deeper. So, what are the actual success stories of using Twitter to promote your retail stores? IClothing is the perfect example of this. They used custom hashtags to Intrigue their intended audience and showcase their clothing. The hashtags were #iwant and #iwear, Twitter blew up with user-generated content, driving a 25% engagement increase on their Twitter page and grew their sales. The key is to pull the customer in, using simple, creative and quick ways. 

As stated above, Facebook and other platforms have taken the lead in their ability to use advertising on twitter with retail. Advertisers and Marketers are saying twitter is not drawing people in like they use to and it would be a waste of their money to use twitter instead of Instagram. The main issue they have in the retail industry with advertising on twitter is that other platforms like Pinterest, and Instagram are visual stimulating and allow creativity and self expression, which appeals to the retail goals. With this said, Twitter may not be the best fit for retail advertisers to focus their time on. Twitter has certain features that can help but it doesn’t seem to be the most beneficial tool for these particular sales.


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