Twitter’s unique features have been mostly successful in attracting marketers to their platform, but lately industry professionals have noticed a plateau in the company’s ability to innovate. Twitter simply doesn’t have the same volume of users as Facebook, and this lack of innovation may be to blame.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.25.30 AMThe platform has been criticized not for its inability to attract users, but its struggle with keeping users on the site for extended periods of time. High levels of engagement are what advertisers are looking for in a platform, and Twitter has simply been slacking. While features like promoted tweets have certainly helped them move in the right direction, professionals such as the CEO of 3Q Digital suggest that creating a more intuitive user interface would encourage a higher level of interactivity. Twitter has recognized the need for change, and they have taken small steps toward improvement including a deal with Google that will add Twitter into search results, pushing advertisements to logged-out users, eliminating the 140 character limit, and providing more accurate follow suggestions. So don’t write Twitter off quite yet- recent trends in advertising open up the potential for Twitter to make a serious comeback, specifically a trend known as “native advertising.” Research shows that native ads (ads that are camouflaged within a platform) are extremely successful in engaging users, as well as reaching people who have ad-blocking software. Twitter’s promoted tweets, trending topics, and the recent “trending moments” are all examples of native advertising possibilities. If Twitter continues to take advantage of this form of marketing, it could make them far more competitive among other social media platforms.  

There are other ways Twitter has shown potential for improvement among its competitors. This blog has mentioned before the strength of video content in making a platform attractive to advertisers, and Twitter recently stepped up their video game. Not only do they allow ads to play before video content, they let marketers choose specifically which videos they want their ads to be played on. This is something even Facebook doesn’t offer, which means Twitter recognizes the need to compete with one of their top rivals. They have also promised to deliver more data in order to let advertisers know the number of people interacting with different sections of Twitter, specifically the “moments” feature, which allows users to scroll through different news stories including anything from celebrities to world events; Twitter previously offered very little information as to how many people actually view this section. Twitter also acknowledges the importance of truthful data reporting and has announced that they are making efforts to verify the accuracy of the statistics they release. 

The platform may have struggled through a temporary lull, but the efforts Twitter has recently put forth signal a strong comeback in the works. Keep your eye out for more improvements and even more ways to reach your market!


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