The social media wave has changed the world of advertising, and marketers are more connected to consumers now than ever before. The mobility of applications like Twitter is unprecedented. Brands are now fitting right into the consumer’s pocket with a little help from the widespread use of mobile devices. Think about it: Twitter sits on … Continue reading #TenaciousTweeting



Beauty advertising does more than just share the newest shade of lipstick; it carefully crafts campaigns in a way that emphasizes an experiential feeling for the consumer. Beauty advertising specifically uses Twitter to achieve this. By creating an online presence on this platform, marketers of the beauty industry are able to see the thoughts and … Continue reading #TweetingBeautiful


The catwalk is no longer just a place for designer dresses and denim; it has evolved into something all-encompassing. Fashion Week is one of the most media-concentrated events of the year, spanning multiple media facets. Social media -- and Twitter specifically -- is one avenue down which fashion brands can strut straight into communication with … Continue reading #TwitterIsTheNewBlack

And We’re #Live !

Marketers know that Twitter can be utilized as a tool to get brand messages across to their consumers; however, it’s less vastly known that this platform has more powers up its sleeve than other social media sites. One particular facet of this social networking site-turned advertising trendsetter makes it the ideal catalyst for getting on … Continue reading And We’re #Live !


Twitter gives way for advertisers to tap into an individual’s personal cyberspace and carefully inject brand messages within it. With the help of Twitter’s business tools, these brand messages make their home in the timelines of individuals and thus can influence them without broadcasting their intention -- the latter of which could potentially forfeit consumer … Continue reading #CamouflagedTweeting