The demographic for Twitter is a younger generation mostly focused on college students and college graduates. This age group is specified as the millennial generation. Millennials are a crucial demographic to focus on in the advertising industry, but why? First, there is a different lifestyle that this age group lives when it comes to technology.

More than any other generation millennials are buying the latest technology, using it more frequently and using it in a way to influence society. If these individuals are the ones using these platforms the most often, then it is important to acknowledge the impact that they can have economically and socially. They live a different lifestyle when it comes to technology. They paved the way for digital natives.

There are a few things that people have misinterpreted about the millennial generation and, because of this, advertisers tend not to target them. Marketers believe that this age group will not stick to their brand for an extended period. Advertisers have a preconceived notion that millennials might get bored too easily with the product; however, millennials tend to care a lot about the products they purchase and have more solid attachments to specific brands than other age groups. The second thing Brands have confused about advertising to millennials is that they are less likely to spend money. Rather than being considered bargain hunters they should be regarded as smart shoppers. Millennial shoppers know what they are looking for and, in fact, are the most willing age group to try new products. Advertising to millennials is intelligent because they are the largest group of consumers at the time.

Millennials are constantly looking for new products and are always searching through the web. If your business is just starting off then the cheapest and easiest way to appeal to the most influential group at the time is millennial consumers. With all of that said; this shows the importance of marketing to the millennial generation, and that demographic is who Twitter is drawing in and who is taking advantage of the products shown on their Twitter feed. Twitter does hold value to the advertising industry and can provide success depending on your demographic. Be sure to branch out with your target audience, millennials may just grow your brand.


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