The demographic for Twitter is a younger generation mostly focused on college students and college graduates. This age group is specified as the millennial generation. Millennials are a crucial demographic to focus on in the advertising industry, but why? First, there is a different lifestyle that this age group lives when it comes to technology. … Continue reading #TargetRight



Retail is taking over the Twitter world, and tweets along with consumer engagement are only working in their favor. Other than the obvious perks of getting immediate feedback and ideas from their customer’s conversations. Twitter also allows marketers to be able to expand the popularity of their brands, increase their sales and give the consumer yet … Continue reading #RetailTweeting


    Award shows aren’t everyone’s cup of tea -- they can be long, tedious, and most of the time, predictable. The use of interactions is key to keeping people tuned-in to your event. While brands use Twitter as a platform during these particular events year round, what’s interesting is how the actual events are … Continue reading #IdLikeToThankTwitter


  A tool that Brands have taken extreme advantage of is the use of high profile Celebrities and their online platforms. Companies who promote their products through a social media influencer, like celebrities or online personalities, have used Twitter massively. It is evident that this tool is treasured to brands and can heighten their recognition … Continue reading #140Made8000


Twitter is a competing company- just like your brand. Other social media platforms are offering unique features, but Twitter tends to focus on a few specific demographics. Talk about handy! You would think that the more platforms you use, the more your product or campaign will sell. This is something that is hugely misunderstood in … Continue reading #CatchYouIfWeCan