In the post #PostLessTweetMore I discuss how majority of brands use social media platforms to advertise. But many brands struggle to choose which platform is the most effective for their campaign. The competition has led these social media platforms to integrate many features for their advertisers to use. These features have played such a dominant role … Continue reading #NowFeaturing



The food industry can be an overwhelming and competitive market. Consumers have over thousands of different options to choose from. The big question for advertisers in this industry is how do they stand out? The biggest trend, and soon becoming a necessity is promotion through social media. 9 out of 10 restaurants claim to be participating … Continue reading #BonAppetweet


Every year 114.4 million people watch the Super Bowl. Even those who have no interest in watching football, sit down and watch. The Super Bowl has become an iconic event in the United States, and its audiences will probably continue to grow. Due to this large growing audience marketers are willing to pay an absurd amount … Continue reading #TouchDownAds


Hashtags- the overused catchphrase of this generation. Putting a pound sign in front of your every thought, emotion, action, or whatever they may be doing these days. But don’t worry everyone is as confused as you are to why this craze started. But regardless whether you’re an avid tweeter or not, everyone has used and … Continue reading #NotJustAPoundSign


Social media advertising is now front and center in this new age of marketing. According to a recent survey, company spending on social media platforms consist of 9% of marketing budgets. Marketers suggest that social media provides a more efficient way of communication between their consumers when compared to traditional media. The millennial generation and future … Continue reading #PokeLessTweetMore