The social media wave has changed the world of advertising, and marketers are more connected to consumers now than ever before. The mobility of applications like Twitter is unprecedented. Brands are now fitting right into the consumer’s pocket with a little help from the widespread use of mobile devices.

Think about it: Twitter sits on the homepage of a consumer’s iPhone adjacent to their texts, email, and other frequently used apps. Whenever they need information, they open Twitter  and when they do, brands are there waiting to send messages through to them.

In #WhosWinning, we mentioned that Twitter was a pioneer in the social media advertising game. However, as competition has increased, Twitter’s advertising edge has gotten a bit dull. To sharpen it, Twitter created a new site and app, Dashboard, which was modeled after the original application. The twist? Dashboard was created specifically with brands in mind. Twitter recognized that advertising revenue relied heavily on the mobility of the application and its easy access to the consumer; in 2016, 89% of the total ad revenue came from advertising on mobile devices. The appeal lies in personalized feeds, tweet schedulers, and recommendations for potential tweets. Dashboard was designed to make social media advertising as efficient as possible, all for the purpose of connecting to consumers. Dashboard was closed down a mere 6 months after its launch. This short life can be attributed to one simple fact: not enough people were using it. But before you kick yourself for missing out, Twitter has plans to integrate some of Dashboard’s most successful features into updates in the future. The specifics have not yet been released but keeping an eye out for the new launch will give advertisers an advantage.

Social media is now ubiquitous, and there is no limit to where it can go. It is imperative that advertisers recognize this and are willing to jump in with tenacity, or they risk getting left behind. Twitter remains in a state of perpetual beta — but if advertisers hold on for the ride, the opportunities for connections to consumers are boundless.


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