Retail is taking over the Twitter world, and tweets along with consumer engagement are only working in their favor. Other than the obvious perks of getting immediate feedback and ideas from their customer’s conversations. Twitter also allows marketers to be able to expand the popularity of their brands, increase their sales and give the consumer yet … Continue reading #RetailTweeting



The food industry can be an overwhelming and competitive market. Consumers have over thousands of different options to choose from. The big question for advertisers in this industry is how do they stand out? The biggest trend, and soon becoming a necessity is promotion through social media. 9 out of 10 restaurants claim to be participating … Continue reading #BonAppetweet


Most industries rely on innovation in order to keep consumers interested and engaged, but for tech companies the introduction of cutting-edge products is especially important when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. Social media plays a key role in promoting product releases and maintaining a strong relationship between tech companies and their market. … Continue reading #TechnoTwitter


The catwalk is no longer just a place for designer dresses and denim; it has evolved into something all-encompassing. Fashion Week is one of the most media-concentrated events of the year, spanning multiple media facets. Social media -- and Twitter specifically -- is one avenue down which fashion brands can strut straight into communication with … Continue reading #TwitterIsTheNewBlack


Olympic athletes train for gold medals; brands strive for prize campaigns. Just like the rest of the advertising world, Twitter is expanding its ability to market brands through mega-sporting events. These sporting events are their own kind of brand. The Olympics are an outlet for versatile brand types. The Olympics get consumers excited about interacting … Continue reading #GetGoldWithTwitter


    Award shows aren’t everyone’s cup of tea -- they can be long, tedious, and most of the time, predictable. The use of interactions is key to keeping people tuned-in to your event. While brands use Twitter as a platform during these particular events year round, what’s interesting is how the actual events are … Continue reading #IdLikeToThankTwitter


Every year 114.4 million people watch the Super Bowl. Even those who have no interest in watching football, sit down and watch. The Super Bowl has become an iconic event in the United States, and its audiences will probably continue to grow. Due to this large growing audience marketers are willing to pay an absurd amount … Continue reading #TouchDownAds