Twitter gives way for advertisers to tap into an individual’s personal cyberspace and carefully inject brand messages within it. With the help of Twitter’s business tools, these brand messages make their home in the timelines of individuals and thus can influence them without broadcasting their intention -- the latter of which could potentially forfeit consumer … Continue reading #CamouflagedTweeting



Twitter is constantly evolving as a social network and a channel for marketers. For advertisers, tweeting now is not the same as it was then. Now, there is more to utilize. Twitter offers beneficial ways for marketers to express their brand and advertise to consumers. Although Twitter may not focus on versatile channels of communication like … Continue reading #TimelyTweeting


Twitter is a competing company- just like your brand. Other social media platforms are offering unique features, but Twitter tends to focus on a few specific demographics. Talk about handy! You would think that the more platforms you use, the more your product or campaign will sell. This is something that is hugely misunderstood in … Continue reading #CatchYouIfWeCan


Social media advertising is now front and center in this new age of marketing. According to a recent survey, company spending on social media platforms consist of 9% of marketing budgets. Marketers suggest that social media provides a more efficient way of communication between their consumers when compared to traditional media. The millennial generation and future … Continue reading #PokeLessTweetMore


There’s more to Twitter advertising than simply seeking exposure for your brand; certain companies are excelling when it comes to harnessing the full marketing power of Twitter to advance their brand on multiple levels. There is a common theme among these successful companies: Engaging with and listening to consumers. T-Mobile’s Marketing Vice President emphasizes the … Continue reading #WhosWinning