And We’re #Live !

Marketers know that Twitter can be utilized as a tool to get brand messages across to their consumers; however, it’s less vastly known that this platform has more powers up its sleeve than other social media sites. One particular facet of this social networking site-turned advertising trendsetter makes it the ideal catalyst for getting on … Continue reading And We’re #Live !



Listen to your consumers' opinions by simply asking them. Twitter is not just about promoting your tweets or your brand anymore. You can do more than just “trend;” you can get customers to directly make a difference in your next product, your next service, your next advertisement. Twitter polling awards advertisers with the opportunity to … Continue reading #PopularOpinions


  A tool that Brands have taken extreme advantage of is the use of high profile Celebrities and their online platforms. Companies who promote their products through a social media influencer, like celebrities or online personalities, have used Twitter massively. It is evident that this tool is treasured to brands and can heighten their recognition … Continue reading #140Made8000


Hashtags- the overused catchphrase of this generation. Putting a pound sign in front of your every thought, emotion, action, or whatever they may be doing these days. But don’t worry everyone is as confused as you are to why this craze started. But regardless whether you’re an avid tweeter or not, everyone has used and … Continue reading #NotJustAPoundSign


  Posting pictures, gifs and videos is one of the most effective methods of advertising on social media. People are more likely to engage with posts that include some sort of visual stimulation, especially moving images such as videos or GIFs; this leads to consumers clicking through more of the company’s web content and could … Continue reading #WhatDoYouMeme