The catwalk is no longer just a place for designer dresses and denim; it has evolved into something all-encompassing. Fashion Week is one of the most media-concentrated events of the year, spanning multiple media facets. Social media — and Twitter specifically — is one avenue down which fashion brands can strut straight into communication with consumers.

In 2017, brands have the ability to bring their information straight to their consumers through the use of live-streams and conversations on Twitter. Luxury lifestyle brand Louis Vuitton was a pioneer in using Twitter as a marketing tool, adding hashtags like #LouisVuitton to their Tweets to gain more attention and interactions. Once consumers view the tweets, the brand can begin to send messages through to them. Other high-profile brands like CHANEL and BALENCIAGA have begun to follow suit. In an effort to enhance international interconnectivity with its consumers during London Fashion Week, HUNTER decided to live-stream their show on Twitter. Conversation ensued surrounding the event and the highlighted use of their newest trend, #CoulourBlocking, to push consumers to express their thoughts on the geometric and vibrant collection. This was mirrored by multiple brands during Paris Fashion Week, when numerous journalists and celebrity attendees were live-tweeting their thoughts on collections while still at the show. Each tweet used the hashtags specified for that designer as well as #PFW, for “Paris Fashion Week”, promoting more than just the event’s brand. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.37.03 AM

Despite the fact that brands use Fashion Week to push their GIFS, videos, and other messages out like a tidal wave, the bombardment of advertisements are well-received due to the high demand for this type of information during this specific week. Since Fashion Week is as exclusive as it is fleeting, consumers rely on Twitter to forge a connection to the celebrities and brands attending this one-week-only event. There is a high sense of urgency present as consumers are heavily invested in these brands: they cannot dare to wait until next month’s magazines hit stands and re-hash the collections. They need to be involved now. Brands have recognized the importance of using Twitter to advertise themselves to their consumers during Fashion Week. The attention garnered from this urgency is unparalleled, and it would be a tragic loss of opportunity if this resource was not tapped. After all, timing is everything, and Twitter marketing might just be the new black.


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