Every year 114.4 million people watch the Super Bowl. Even those who have no interest in watching football, sit down and watch. The Super Bowl has become an iconic event in the United States, and its audiences will probably continue to grow.

Due to this large growing audience marketers are willing to pay an absurd amount of money to raise brand awareness.This year’s Super Bowl was selling 30-second commercials for a record of $5 million. The cost of these commercials definitely reflect the audience size, but as mentioned in last week’s post advertisers have incorporated social components to help extend their reach. Consumers can use social media platforms to engage, and interact with a brand by setting off triggers like hashtags. In the 2015 Super Bowl 28 out of the 56 commercials had hashtags, which was 50 percent of ads overall.

The popular candy brand Skittles has been an avid player in the Super Bowl commercial game. Skittles has been taking advantages of Twitter’s unique marketing features when producing their ads. In 2014, Skittles interviews Marshawn Lynch the Seahawks running back. Lynch has always loved Skittles even before he was famous, they thought this was a great marketing opportunity for their brand. In the ad Lynch uses his favorite candy to help him morph into “beast mode.” Skittles is one of the many brands that chooses to use high-profile celebrities through their campaign. In the post, #140Made8,000 using celebrities is very valuable to brands and can really increase their recognition massively.

This year Skittles came back with another successful Super Bowl commercial. This time they add a little romance into the mix, with a young boy trying to get his crush’s attention by throwing skittles at her window. The television commercial included the hashtag #tastetherainbow, in the post #NotJustAPoundSign using the twitter feature of hashtags has major perks for brands. Hashtags give brands a way to communicate with their consumers. Also useful information can be pulled from these discussions in real time, which is such an advantage for advertisers. Below are some examples of consumers using the #tastetherainbow, during the Super Bowl LI.

screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-1-58-16-pm    screen-shot-2017-02-16-at-1-43-13-pm


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