Award shows aren’t everyone’s cup of tea — they can be long, tedious, and most of the time, predictable. The use of interactions is key to keeping people tuned-in to your event. While brands use Twitter as a platform during these particular events year round, what’s interesting is how the actual events are using Twitter to advertise themselves about who is coming to the event and their own brand. These tools can be valuable to any company looking to promote on Twitter.

     In 2016, Twitter did something that harnessed a lot of media attention for the Grammy’s: Twitter posted its predicted winners for each major category. These predictions were based on what was tweeted about the most during the year. This not only encouraged consumers opinions but also made them want to tune into to the Grammy’s, using Twitter as their news source. Alongside this, they also started the #onlyontwitter hashtag, which was targeted to encourage people to ask artists like Charlie Pluth and Meghan Trainor live questions via Twitter. They were interacting with their fans while at the award show, pushing them to use Twitter once again as their primary source of contact to the Grammys. Additionally, there was the #Grammy hashtag, giving users exclusive VIP access to celebrities.

     Then, Twitter did something so creative it was almost undeniably addicting to use. In 2017 the Grammy’s put out the hashtag #CHAINEDTOTHERYTHM with embedded stickers that correlated to the Grammy’s artist, songs, and albums. For example, If you wanted Sia to win, you could tweet a sticker of Sias iconic hair and hashtag “chained to the rhythm,” promoting the photos, the celebrities, the Grammy’s, and making people want to use Twitter even more.Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 9.29.17 AM



    Statistics show that Twitter is highly used during the Grammys, and is a way the awards show promotes both itself its artists. But the attention you gain on Twitter as a celebrity is so large it proves Twitter is where people are while they watch. When Taylor Swift performed the opening number at the Grammys, she was tweeted about 742 times during the show. Twitter, a channel for the hype conversations that occur around events like the Grammys. The tools Twitter offers for quick conversation proves it is a perfect place to advertise a live event and pull attention during it.


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