Olympic athletes train for gold medals; brands strive for prize campaigns. Just like the rest of the advertising world, Twitter is expanding its ability to market brands through mega-sporting events. These sporting events are their own kind of brand. The Olympics are an outlet for versatile brand types. The Olympics get consumers excited about interacting with one another, brands, and sponsors via Twitter.

Additional features were created specifically for the Olympics; advertisers were taking advantage of these features. Therefore, consumers became familiar with their brand. Twitter’s audience expanded when the Olympics came on — in turn, brands utilized this growing network.

Fans of the Olympics were watching on both television and social media, especially Twitter. The features and expanding audience allows brands to use Twitter to entertain, inspire, and inform their consumers. Take a look at the way consumers used Twitter during the Olympics:

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 4.25.33 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-20 at 4.25.18 PM.png

Since hashtags are used all through Twitter, the Olympics got their own new set. Twitter began adding hashtags that created Twitter emojis; when you tweeted #USA than the American Flag is placed. Similarly, if a user tweets #Diving then an olympic diving graphic appears. There was an opportunity for fans to prove their pride and spread their spirit. There were other hashtags like #Rio2016, #OpeningCeremony, #Rowing, #Tennis, or #ClosingCeremony that correlated to the Olympic games. Brands commented on an event that was happening in a way that promoted them and added in the Olympic hashtags, involving their brand in feeds and trending topics. Audiences were being exposed to their brand over and over.

While the Olympics are a worldwide event, so is the use of Twitter. In Australia, Seven West Media was covering highlights of the Olympics through videos on Twitter. They were offering brands up to sixty seconds of time on their videos. These videos were placed all over timelines and profiles. Every Australian fan saw the video and saw the brands. Taking the opportunity to get your brand recognized by another brand is powerful. Teamwork is necessary if you want to win a gold medal, and brands that worked with Seven West Media used team work to get their name recognized by consumers. Since the Olympics are loved by so many and there is a sense of patriotism and pride — viewers want to see the highlights. They want to see the videos being posted on Twitter. Therefore, the brands promoted are being amplified to audiences as well as engaging them in what is going on at the big games. Interacting is so important now with advertisements, showing them your brand is interested in learning what they are interested in will strengthen your reputation. Take advantage of opportunities like this. If Twitter’s reach is expanding, so can your brand.

The Olympics shares an audience larger than just sports fans; the social side is what gets viewers excited. When brands include hashtags or the Olympics provides a hashtag on their television, consumers immediately feel more inclined to engage and interact. The more the hashtag and brand appear, the more loyal they become. Including an interactive feature is all about enhancing the viewer’s experience. If television watchers are supporting the trending topic, you should be too. A widespread television audience means an opportunity to gain more consumers and build loyalty among the ones you already have. The games are all about proving patriotism. Join consumers in showing your pride–whether it is through sponsoring an athlete, placing a commercial advertisement, or taking part in the Olympics’ hashtags.


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