And We’re #Live !

Marketers know that Twitter can be utilized as a tool to get brand messages across to their consumers; however, it’s less vastly known that this platform has more powers up its sleeve than other social media sites. One particular facet of this social networking site-turned advertising trendsetter makes it the ideal catalyst for getting on an intimate and immediate level with consumers. This is the power of live-tweeting.

Live-tweeting is exactly what it sounds like: tweeting while something is happening right then and there. It often takes form in a constant slew of posts over a condensed period of time. If a brand is looking to connect with consumers through social media, then they must strike while the iron is hot; meaning, if a mass amount of their consumers are posting on Twitter while watching a nationally televised event, then the brand can follow their lead and join the conversation. Brands have taken to live-tweeting during popular television shows and nationally televised events, including the Super BowlOscars, and Grammys. These conversations between advertisers and consumers while live-tweeting is referred to as backchannel communication, as the power of social media allows hundreds of individuals from all over the world to interact with the brands that are important to them with the simple act of a retweet or like.

Live-tweeting allows the advertiser to get to know their consumer on a deeper level. Individuals tweeting during The Oscars value the culture of celebrity and entertainment. An advertiser can log into Twitter and reply to tweets posted by their consumers, agree with or comment on their opinion, and bring the conversation back to their brand. The individual sees this interaction and the consumer-brand relationship is cemented even further.

But how do the advertisers know which Twitter conversations to join? The most pivotal part of live-tweeting is the use and re-use of the hashtag. This key element is a marketer’s golden ticket to gaining perspective on their consumers’ values and opinions. Having a hashtag specified for the one particular event makes it easy for advertisers to find the conversations they are looking to join. Repeated use of the hashtag grabs attention from consumers and they attribute the brand to the event, pushing brand messages further into their heads. The interactivity of live-tweeting creates a more intimate relationship between advertiser and consumer, allowing them to experience life together as it happens – 140 characters at a time.


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