Hashtags- the overused catchphrase of this generation. Putting a pound sign in front of your every thought, emotion, action, or whatever they may be doing these days. But don’t worry everyone is as confused as you are to why this craze started. But regardless whether you’re an avid tweeter or not, everyone has used and heard about the hashtag.

The use of hashtags first started on the social media platform, Twitter, making it easier to classify messages or tweets. This allows users to efficiently find exact content and respond to the information. Not only do consumers use this feature, but advertisers find the hashtag a very useful tool when it comes to advertising.

This feature is vital for advertisers when using Twitter to promote brands. Studies show that when tweets include a hashtag they are 40% more likely to get retweeted. Advertisers take advantage of this feature to promote their message and draw more attention to their brand. As mentioned in #PokeLessTweetMore social media has allowed advertisers to see real time interactions between their brand and their consumers. Using the hashtag feature can make this process a lot easier and more accessible for marketers. Information can be pulled from hash-tagged discussions in real-time, which allows advertisers to get insight on their audience’s perspective.

Let’s take a look at a hashtag campaign that saw big results from using this Twitter feature. L’Oreal Paris launched their #WorthSaying campaign in the beginning of 2016. The campaign was to promote individual beauty and intrinsic worth of every woman. The hashtag was created based on L’Oreal’s iconic slogan “Because You’re Worth It”, and to inspire women to know they have something worthy to say. During this campaign, L’Oreal’s social media exploded with tweets. The campaign resulted in 3X the engagement and doubled their followers. Not only did L’Oreal’s consumers act on this hashtag trend but some celebrities joined in on the fun too, making this hashtag campaign even more successful. Some example tweets are below:




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