A tool that Brands have taken extreme advantage of is the use of high profile Celebrities and their online platforms. Companies who promote their products through a social media influencer, like celebrities or online personalities, have used Twitter massively. It is evident that this tool is treasured to brands and can heighten their recognition immensely.

It has been shown that more than half of companies use brand ambassadors to promote and sell their brand. Consumers use the opinions of those they value and look up to more than any other source, so combining this with Twitter can only benefit the brand. It has been studied and shown that user created content is more trustworthy to the consumers than the word from the brand. Centers of influence truly do affect the customers more than a typical advertisement.

The key to this success is all based on an advertiser’s best friend and worst enemy- word of mouth (WOM) is one of the most influential advertising techniques right now. In an age where feedback and answers are at the tip of one’s fingers, it is important to constantly have your brand being talked about. If consumers always see the same link, ad, or name over and over again, you will connect that brand with people discussing it. Eventually, buyers will believe it may correlate to their life as well. If the consumer feels attached to that person, then the product becomes something they are attached to, which encourages their involvement with the product.

140 characters are nothing to read; it’s fast and easy. Twitter is the place to go for quick messages from brand ambassadors to make an impression on your consumers. How do they do it? Ad.ly is one of the most well-known endorsement companies that line up celebrities with different brands, where they are offered thousands of dollars per tweet. If you thought Kendall Jenner was already rich for no reason, try wrapping your head around the fact she can be worth up to $230,000 on social media on posts that are tsponsored by a brand. It’s working though. Endorsements are extremely useful as long as your audience is in mind and your endorsers stay in line. Getting your name out there is only beneficial to your brand. Below is it one of the most expensive tweets of all time but the one and only Charlie Sheen, take a look.



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