There’s more to Twitter advertising than simply seeking exposure for your brand; certain companies are excelling when it comes to harnessing the full marketing power of Twitter to advance their brand on multiple levels. There is a common theme among these successful companies: Engaging with and listening to consumers.

T-Mobile’s Marketing Vice President emphasizes the key role Twitter plays in incorporating consumer feedback into their business plan. T-Mobile also strategically takes advantage of the consumer-data Twitter has to offer in addition to their public presence on the site. Twitter is pushing for more advertisers to utilize their data, encouraging them to see their platform as a tool for influencing more long-term business decisions.

JetBlue, Whole Foods, Red Cross, MTV, and Calvin Klein are more examples of companies that have cracked the code to establishing a successful Twitter presence. The secret? #LessIsMore. These companies refrain from using twitter as a medium for constant press releases and promotions. Instead, they use Twitter as a tool to engage meaningfully with consumers- JetBlue responds to almost every customer tweet they receive, Whole Foods provides followers with helpful tips and recipes, and Red Cross provides valuable information that can be potentially life-saving. Calvin Klein and MTV’s most successful tweets included famous celebrities and were purely entertainment value for their followers. When it comes to Twitter, authenticity is key. It’s not just the messages that should line up with the values of your brand, but also the way you use the platform in the first place. All of these companies have established a voice unique to their brand, and are careful to refrain from obvious promotions. Consumers respond more positively to helpful information, friendly, funny messages and proposals to gather customer feedback. Understanding what consumers expect from Twitter is key to unlocking the full potential of Twitter advertising and setting your brand apart from the competition. Stay involved, keep tweeting, engage with your audience and you’ll be #winning too!


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