Twitter is constantly evolving as a social network and a channel for marketers. For advertisers, tweeting now is not the same as it was then. Now, there is more to utilize. Twitter offers beneficial ways for marketers to express their brand and advertise to consumers. Although Twitter may not focus on versatile channels of communication like Facebook, it offers elements in a range of customer outreach.

Specific companies like NASCAR, Airbnb, Apple, Dove, and Snickers, use Twitter
to its fullest potential. Reaching audiences, giving them an experience, and allowing Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.02.39 AMthem to create is the name of the game. Whether it is empathy, live interactions, or aiding the consumers’ product use, these brands challenge Twitter’s marketing abilities. Twitter itself has broadened the opportunities for brands- now it is simply in the eye of the beholder.

Some say Twitter is not worth their time anymore. Not worth the audience. Advertisers are aware that the number of users has gone down and in turn, so has the number of marketers. Consumers are skeptical, and the online world of hashtags and passive-aggressive feuds is no different. The hashtag may be dead to some individual Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 8.58.46 AMadvertisers, but maybe all it needs is some alteration. Take a further look at the hashtags ever lasting benefit. Marketers that use Twitter right make their ads about the consumer’s experience. They listen to their consumers. Twitter’s use and benefits really is up to the advertiser – even if it seems like it is up to the consumer. Twitter continues to grow just like any brand does. Keep looking for new ways to expand your voice; take advantage of the increasing elements Twitter has to offer.

Twitter is all about voice. A consumer’s voice. A brand’s voice. An advertisers voice. Hearing them is what makes this platform work. So much information is shared on Twitter — this is gold to marketers. The opportunity to listen is maximized with all of the shared content. Companies are able to do comparisons and research based on what users are saying on Twitter. Following their lead, marketers use the content people are discussing, sharing, and favoriting to place their ads in correct position. Why not take advantage of all the possibilities? To further advertisers’ abilities, Twitter has improved their marketing realm. Each feature explores the ability to reach audiences. At the end of the day, brands that are recognized and being used are the successful ones. Keywords, promotions, the Twitter ‘Firehose,’ and maximized experiences, are evolving features out there for marketers. Plus, tweeting more gets your brand to the top of a Google search result. Everyone wants to be #trending on Twitter and first on the list.


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