Twitter is a competing company- just like your brand. Other social media platforms are offering unique features, but Twitter tends to focus on a few specific demographics. Talk about handy! You would think that the more platforms you use, the more your product or campaign will sell.

This is something that is hugely misunderstood in advertising social media platforms.

In reality, this can actually hurt you more than it will help you. Spending your time getting to know the audience. Choose one platform. Reach the listeners you need to so that you know your consumer better than they know themselves. So who is your target audience?  Discuss within your company who you’re trying to reach. Talking about your business and declaring your customer demographics will enhance your ability to pick a social media platform that reaches the people you want and need to.  The platform you choose should be one you fully understand, one your customers are always immersed in and one that lives and breathes your team’s strategy.

Twitter is a fascinating social media platform. The 140 characters, short attention grabbing ability of Twitter appeals to the younger demographic, just as you would assume. The majority of Twitter users are Millennial College graduates and current college students. When it comes to gender, it is relatively equal, but it is shown that men are using Twitter more than women.  You can learn more about these statistics here Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.30.02 AM.Why is this important? It is shown that the lack of research before campaigning on a social media platform can be detrimental to the effect your advertising efforts will have on your brand. There are a plethora of ways to study which audience platforms are reaching, especially with all the use of consumer generated content on each of these platforms. Twitter allows marketers watch interactivity to help provide who your users are and what they are looking for. It is shown that when looking at the demographic, it can only increase your product’s success and grow your target audience.  If your audience is college students looking to be trendy with their fashion, sports knowledge, or eating habits, then Twitter should be your best friend.


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